👋 Hey! I’m Felix.

Welcome to my thoughts and ideas. I’m currently a grad at REA Group asking questions and learning lots.

Encoding + Kafka + AWS + Me = 🤷‍♂️

This is the first in a series of posts I plan to make about technical concepts I’m learning – Tech Bites. Explaining them will hopefully solidify my understanding. I plan for these to be relatively short, this one is definitely an outlier because it’s fairly bulky. Encoding Software is useful because it interacts with other code and computers. At some point this means communication across a network. Unfortunately the data we use in code can’t simply be sent across the internet....

April 24, 2022


This site is to help me (and might be interesting to you). A few reasons why I decided to start this: I find writing down my thoughts and ideas forces me to clarify and distill them. They’re then packaged in a more effective format for others to consume. Learn in public. Again, not only do I get accountability, but by forcing myself to explain concepts to a broad audience, I’m forcing myself to internalise them....

February 17, 2022